Indoor air pollution, indoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is on guard, fo

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Indoor air pollution, indoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is on guard, formaldehyde pollutes killer

Indoor air pollutes the harm that causes to human body to not allow to ignore. In recent years, the environment detects ceaseless conduct propaganda of the branch, public media reports ceaselessly to this, and the harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia is alluded most. So, what harm do these harmful material bring to people? What is the origin of all sorts of harmful gas? How should be on guard?
Killer 1: Hide at the formaldehyde in plank
Indoor formaldehyde pollution comes from all sorts of man-made board in use adhesive, carpet of certain chemical fibber, paint, coating, cosmetic, cleaner, insecticide, disinfectant, antiseptic, presswork a variety of chemical industry products such as fiber of printing ink, paper, spin. Pack kitchen of the closet that man-made board is done, whole and the room that buy furniture newly especially, formaldehyde exceeds bid more serious. Because many resin was used when machining man-made plank,this is kind adhesive, using each segment of adhesive in great quantities, can formaldehyde is released.
Way of prevention and cure: The prevention and cure that formaldehyde pollutes wants to undertake from two respects, want to notice adornment decorates the formaldehyde that cause to pollute on one hand: On the design, reasonable collocation decorates material, of mature interior space bear the weight of quantity and ventilation; Make use man-made board curium the mouth is in, should besmear with coating, make its sufficient solidify, release in order to prevent the formaldehyde inside plank; Want to choose eligible interior decoration strictly to decorate material according to national level.
Want to notice the formaldehyde that furniture causes pollutes on the other hand: Want those who notice furniture to use makings, had better choose the furniture that wooden plank expects sealed rate is higher; The furniture that buys newly is not eager to be being put into the bedroom, had better let the harmful gas in furniture release reoccupy of period of time; When the chest that use man-made board makes, the clothing that does not want an underwear, bedgown and children as far as possible is put inside. Summer is put in the quilt in chest, blanket and autumn winter clothings, meet inside adsorptive and many formaldehyde, when using must sufficient air, bask in or full.
Killer 2: The benzene in sticky agent of coating, glue
Environmental protection expert says, the benzene pollution in indoor environment basically comes from the dissolvent of the glue sticky agent that contains benzene, paint, coating and waterproof or thinner. Meeting occurrence leucocyte reduces long-term and inspiratory benzene with plaque, serious when can make medullary hematopoiesis function produces an obstacle, cause aplastic anemia.
In the woman of inspiratory and many toluene between gestation, the baby that gives birth to appears obstacle of function of system of small deformation, central nervous and grow of the blemish such as stunt more.
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