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The lady just was moved into new residence recently, always feel to sleep to itch afflictively all over in the evening, and family person has this kind of symptom. Later, via condition of Guangzhou room core the orgnaization that monitor detects discovery, because what adsorptive formaldehyde causes is put on the bedgown in buying wardrobe newly,this is. How can you just prevent clothings formaldehyde pollution?

Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection expresses, dress formaldehyde exceeds mark to be able to endanger health to already became the fact that does not dispute. However, not only new clothes has formaldehyde easily, the old clothes that is put in the home also has formaldehyde to pollute a problem. Because, what in decorating, use is big core board and all sorts of density that use when production furniture board in waiting for man-made plank, use the adhesive that contains formaldehyde for the most part, the free formaldehyde that releases ceaselessly not only can cause indoor environment to pollute, at the same time can direct pollution is put in the clothings in chest, especially the underwear with clothing of the bedgown that a few cotton knit, children and strong absorption affinity. The test makes clear, put in contain the clothings in formaldehyde chest, its formaldehyde content exceeds the formaldehyde content when production greatly. How does formaldehyde pollution avoid

How to prevent the clothings formaldehyde pollution that causes as a result of furniture? Indoor environment monitors a personage to suggest, want to buy the furniture that accords with national level above all; The furniture that buys newly is not eager to be being moved into new residence, when using new wardrobe, do not want to put underwear, bedgown and children clothing inside as far as possible, the quilt that summer puts in chest, blanket and autumn winter clothings will be adsorptive a large number of formaldehyde, when using must sufficient air is basked in or full; Want to notice to observe new furniture uses a case, if discover circumstance of exciting odour, hot eye to happen, discover family at the same time especially children often appears uneasiness of skin allergy, mood, food not the symptom such as beautiful, successive cough, lv of take an examination may be the disaster that formaldehyde causes, answer to ask indoor environment to monitor a branch to undertake detecting as soon as possible, adopt effective processing technique at the same time.

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