Prevent a family to decorate formaldehyde pollution to damage child health

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Formaldehyde pollution, family decorates pollution serious harm is healthy, because immune force of the child is smaller, should cause more so take seriously!
It is reported, before long combination undertook the family decorates material spot check before the concerned branch such as national sanitation, construction, environmental protection, the discovery in the examination, the material that toxic gas pollutes occupies 68 % . These contain volatile organic compound to amount to 300 kinds in material. Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection says, some belong to toxic gas in these volatile organic compounds, the benzene that if wash-and-wear lacquer is medium,contains, xylene volatile stronger. Some people seek beautiful result painstakingly, brush paint 3 times two, such, be in ventilated not below the circumstance of free, volatile harmful gas reachs certain consistency inside the room, the room that just decorates anew became the " of " gas chamber that expect is less than. Children or adult are slow-witted in such environment long, can appear virulent poisoning symptom. Light person meeting feeling in the end is painful, giddy, disgusting, serious person can cause rhythm of the heart wrong cardiac muscle of the noxiousness in mixing is phlogistic.

As standard of living rise, the person that has decorating to new residence is increasing, many people are to want to create a favorable environment to the child, just go in for sth in a large scale of building, but if lack necessary safe consciousness, can become bring " wolf " to enter room, did bad thing kindly, let decorate the health that damaged the child. Expert proposal, when the family decorates select material, must consider the security of material. After decorating an end, not be eager to be being moved, should open the door thoroughly ventilated medicinal powder gas, had better wait for chest, bookcase to also be opened at the same time, make harmful gas complete send out.

Once the somebody in the home appears bosom the symptom such as frowsty, asthma, had better leave current environment. Explain case wants when the patient sees a doctor to the hospital, so that the doctor is diagnosed correctly, treat in time to disease.

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