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Become cold as weather, many people that like motion and fitness turned outdoors exercise into the exercise in gym. But indoor environment expert reminds everybody, the problem of a lot of gym is very serious, should cause the attention of people. Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection suggests, to the gymnastical position that must notice the choice is logical when gym fitness, make sure air is expedite.
Introduce according to environmental protection expert, the pollutant in gym basically has the following kinds:
It is to build the building pollution in gym, the formaldehyde that for instance pollution of air of radioactivity radon, ammonia and adornment and indoor furniture cause, benzene fastens content pollution.
2 it is fitness person the air pollution that oneself causes. Basically have the following kinds:
1, carbon dioxide pollution. Carbon dioxide basically comes from the breath at the person, study a proof, vivid momentum of the person is different, the carbon dioxide amount that produces is different also, it is dormant when intense activity when 10 times the left and right sides, especially when indoor crowd is ventilated and concentrated, undesirable, make the person arises easily disgusting, have a headache etc unwell.
2, motion causes but pollution of inspiratory grain content. The ground raise dirt that because people motion is caused,points to commonly and dress, footgear, excoriation, these bead diameter are less than the particulate matter of 5 μ M, but respiratory system of inspiratory human body, afterbirth of thorough even lung. But inspiratory grain content may become microbial carrier not only, its itself contains toxic material or other send ill, carcinogenic substance.
3, the bad smell of body watch eduction and microbial. The effluvial material in indoor air basically has alcohol of ammonia, methylic sulfur, vulcanization hydrogen, methylic 2 sulfur 3 methylic amine, aldehyde, styrene. At the same time bacterium, virus and companion of appearance of air grain substance exist, also can measure change along with air dust and change. What center in personnel especially is public inside, can discover a large number of air are microbial with suspension grain content.
3 it is noise pollution. The countersign sound of the loud and clear when body building is the mark of gym, at the same time this also is a kind of noise pollution, noise can quicken cardiac muscle consenescence, increase miocardial infarction incidence of a disease. Contact the person of noise for a long time, can make inside body adrenal secrete increase, appear thereby elevatory, heartbeat accelerates vasomotor, blood pressure, have a headache forgetful, attention drops, digestion a series of unwell symptoms such as abate, physical strength and mental decline, the country stipulates the dynamic noise of public place of entertainment must not exceed 85 decibel.
Additional, because the personnel density of gym is bigger, the breathing amount of mobile personnel is larger also, can cause indoor and ventilated inadequacy not only, also meet at the same time activating personnel is inspiratory more harmful material. Because suffer conditional effect, gym is existing generally to use subterranean building, airtight sex to be mixed more by force the phenomenon that does not have independent ventilated system, caused indoor new wind force to be not worth badly so.
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