Guangzhou decorates source of 5 big pollution and the harm that decorate polluti

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Guangzhou decorates source of 5 big pollution

Indoor pollution source of 5 big pollution

● [radon] radon is inert gase of a kind of radioactivity, colorless insipidity. Consist in is in cement, arenaceous stone.

[harm] radon pollution is next to indoor contaminant inducement of smoking row lung cancer the 2nd

● [formaldehyde] formaldehyde has intense taste. Man-made plank used adhesive, and contain formaldehyde.

[endanger] after formaldehyde of inspiratory high concentration, the severe remise of meeting occurrence respiratory tract is stimulated. The skin contacts formaldehyde directly, can cause dermatitis. Often inspiratory a few formaldehyde, can cause chronic and toxic.

● [benzene] benzene is a kind of colorless, liquid that has special and balmy taste.

[harm] long-term and inspiratory benzene can cause aplastic anemia.

● [TVOC] total volatile organic compound (TVOC) , basically originate coating, adhesive

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