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Indoor decorate formaldehyde pollution! Choose material of brief outfit environm

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According to China indoor environment monitors working committee to investigate, 6 repair classroom formaldehyde to exceed bid into school new clothes; Chinese disease controls a center to also be released, formaldehyde of family of 65 % above exceeds bid, winter formaldehyde exceeds mark rate to achieve 73 % .

Nearly two years, the report that transcends mark to cause a disease about the formaldehyde after the building is decorated appears in the newspaper repeatedly upright, many common people are heard " formaldehyde " color changes, always feel oneself house has pollution. Mr Wang that just moves new residence says to the reporter: "My home just was decorated, still acquired new furniture, but total feeling is living not to set his mind at, money thinking a flower detects, after all tens of thousands of yuan of money that decorate was spent, also do not care about these hundreds of yuan detect charge. Also do not care about these hundreds of yuan detect charge..

Actually, holding Mr Wang in the arms the consumer of this kind of idea is absent a few. As we have learned, this year first half of the year, beijing disappear assist receive what pollute to indoor furniture to complain 594 in all, than last year the corresponding period increased 10 % . Our country had been held 3 times this year only the national conference that pollutes prevention and cure about indoor air, indoor air pollution causes " the building is asked for integratedly " had caused wide attention socially.

To this, environment of association of Chinese interior decoration detects central director Song Ansheng says, decorating pollution, building pollution and furniture pollution is the 3 big source that indoor air pollutes. Among them, the building materials with inferior quality, furniture and adornment material are main contaminative source, the paint that is not environmental protection for instance, coating, synthetic fibre board wait.

Beijing building decorates Zhang Qi of committee of association environmental protection to think, mix besides a few manufacturer decorate a company to reduce cost, outside using harmful material content to exceed the building materials of mark, the country is active " harmful material releases set limit to in wooden furniture " the standard also puts in a few flaw: It is formaldehyde detects be aimed at man-made plank only, not be the finished product furniture that consumer place uses, and detect sample area is too small, have 0.075 square metre only; 2 be make a provision to the heavy metal content in paint only, and oversight in glue sticky agent of harmful material release pollution.

Although formaldehyde gave the life of people to bring a lot of inconvenience, but speak of people when the panic to formaldehyde, song Ansheng still thinks this can need not. He says, new clothes is repaired or be the room that purchased new furniture, besides should reach body weakling to old person, children, pregnant woman group adopt be on guard outside measure, want to accomplish the following only, the harm that can pollute air pair of human body controls lowest.

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