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How choose and buy already environmental protection accords with human body meas

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The study is the place of people study and job, when choosing study furniture, besides wanting to notice the modelling of study furniture, quality and colour, must consider furniture data whether environmental protection, whether to put in very big peculiar smell? Does the other such as formaldehyde, benzene pollute the existence of the source? And the main demand that whether get used to the territory of people and accords with aesthetic of human body health. That is to say, want the mobile rule according to the person, human body each place dimension and the structure that will decide study furniture in the pose when use furniture, dimension and put the position. For example, when rest and reading, sofa appropriate soft appropriate is some lower, make double leg OK free extend, get height comfortable, in order to eliminate sedentary the exhaustion after.  

The main furniture in the study is bookshelf, bookcase, desk and seat or sofa. Should affirm before purchasing these furniture whether outside the accords with a standard plank furniture of environmental protection, the dimension that pays attention to furniture even reachs his comfortable expenditure! According to our country physiology of normal human body is calculated, desk height should be 750-780mm, be in considering the leg the mobile area below the table, the clear height below requirement desk is not less than 580mm. Seat should with desk form a complete set, moderate of on any account, soft and comfortable, conditional, best can buy revolving chair, seat is 380-450mm highly commonly, with the mobile demand of convenient person.

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