Monsoon is decorated should note a point

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One, the alternative that should notice to decorate material. Should choose to pass national authority branch or famous brand and normal manufacturer production are avirulent the adornment material with little poison;
2, had better ask normal home to hold company construction, in sign when decorating a contract, should put forward to add the provision that concerns indoor environment standard, the requirement when hand over a completed project offers indoor air quality to detect report;
3, should have done those who decorate a room is ventilated purify with air. Want below conditional circumstance as far as possible much more ventilated, if can choose the air purifying device with indoor drafting apparatus and indoor to reducing harmful effective gas without the condition.
4, the labor protection that notices to do good industry support of the people to join staff works, special to painter, should adorn as far as possible in construction gas defence implemental, painting as far as possible spot pass the night, if appear,headache, the symptom such as disgusting, asthma, sore throat must not carelessness, want as soon as possible to ask doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment;
5, had done those who decorate border of room room core to detect with processing.

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