How to prevent indoor formaldehyde to exceed bid

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It is reasonable and affirmatory decorate plan. Especially the ground material of the room, had better not large area uses a kind of data. Reasonable consideration is big the use quantity of core board.

2 it is scientific choice construction craft. Besides special requirement, do not spread outfit big core below compound floor commonly board. With big core board made cabinet and cover of bag central heating, the agent must close to undertake closing with formaldehyde inside, had better not have bare place, paint had better choose paint film thicker, close the gender is good.

3 it is to master strictly decorate and decorate material quality. Compound floor, big core board the main condition that wants a formaldehyde to release a quantity to serve as a choice.

4 it is to extend time appropriately, conditional should let reentry of indoor and ventilated period of time live as far as possible, use light accelerant, cultivate the method such as the plant, purify indoor air.

5 it is an attention of indoor formaldehyde detect. There is the family of old person, children and irritability constitution in the home especially, must control the content of indoor formaldehyde strictly.

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