How to prevent radon pollution effectively?

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Buy room and decorate prevent radon two bank
Buy a house
Attention " indoor environment detects report "
Consumer is in when buying a house, development business should be offerred " indoor environment detects report " , among them, have the corresponding level of the content of radon and country. Consumer contrast data, whether does the house that judgement buys contain radon to exceed bid.
As we have learned, according to national relative standard, before civil building is designed, the requirement must undertake pH indicator of the radon in soil determines building space, ask to have radon chroma investigation and measure of the project that prevent radon.
Decorate Shen Yongshi material
When decorating plan certainly, want to choose stone capable person cautiously, the place that had better not stop in person chairman time is like the large area such as bedroom, living room to use stone material, wait into fireplace with stone material adornment for example.
Buy ceramic tile to see attestation
When buying stone material, ceramic tile, should ask for to agency by national technology supervisory branch approbates issued product radioactivity certificate of approval, the label that there is CMA on (photograph cover most top left corner that) . Choose to low emissive is built and decorate material as far as possible.
Avoid to repeat pollution
Although material of single block stone or ceramic tile do not exceed bid, but if bedding face accumulates load one's writing with fancy phrases these material " color " building, can arise " repeat overlay to pollute " , the likelihood brings about radioactivity material chroma to exceed bid.
First floor notices fill and level up is interstitial
The break on fill and level up, sealed floor and wall notices when the room of basement and first floor is decorated, this kind of practice can reduce the separate out amount of the radon in soil effectively. Air purifier still can be deployed inside the room.
Daily life opens a window frequently
When just was being moved into new residence, should decrease indoors mobile time, daily life opens a window ventilated can reduce indoor radon concentration temporarily.
Remind heart to heart
Aloe can absorb formaldehyde
Of short duration can prevent radon without the plant
According to the report, greenery is had to air pollution purify action certainly, but cannot depend on completely, because plant adsorption is harmful,grain also can achieve saturated status.
Aloe can absorb formaldehyde; Evergreen cane can absorb benzene; Century plant can devour benzene, formaldehyde and 3 chloric ethylene; Hang down hang orchid can devour carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Did not discover what plant to be able to absorb radon temporarily at present.
The expert reminds, if the plant in the home appears unusual death is probable because harmful gas exceeds bid in the home,be, had better ask branch of radiative quality be careful in one's conduct to detect whether does indoor air have a harm.
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