Interior decoration not forgets prevention and cure decorates pollution

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The family is decorated already was popular topic, the clerical mentality that reflects an urbanite to enjoy vogue of the life, pursuit is gone after and consume a desire. But while spring of no less than brings people rain during springtime and warmth, like also can bringing fly, mosquito, the family is indoor decorate can give people with the life comfortable, easy and comfortable while, be like carelessly, also can bring " wolf " into room, the archenemy that brings health -- pollution. So, already decorated the family the people in including oneself life plan, the action art that masters precaution of a few hands to decorate pollution very be necessary.

One, learn frequently. Increase ego identifying capacity. Should learn to professional personage more, seek advice about the knowledge that decorates a respect, choose brand of the examination when material, detect function index, differentiate its odour, firm the data that uses false and inferior, be no longer in force anything but; Understand product manual, learn accurate use method and precautionary way.

2, careful buy. Of not credulous pedlar " enthusiastic " introduce, must choose not to protect profile to expect. Choose coating to want especially discreet, have some of illegal small retailer, with quality difference, harmful to human body bad lacquer pretends to be sale of low of environmental protection coating, some consumer pursue cheap, the result brings about the peculiar smell in the room ceaseless, serious effect is healthy. So, should buy painting go buying in best brand brand shop, visit the brand shop that whether some brand coating is really in brand shop first, if this acts as agent already in inn, act as agent again that, its monopolistic dependability was about to consider; Additional, real brand agent has a series of proof files, transcendental Ming Zhengshen draws out money again not late also; The brand shop staff member of well-known trademark grooms through major commonly, might as well raise a query, one's deceased father take an examination of them, if connect simple coating knowledge to be not had, the reliability of this kind of brand shop can want to know.

3, beware. Want to notice to prevent the aeriform killer that floor dissociate comes out. With respect to its itself is told, real wood floor does not contain harmful material. It is to the floor place of adhesive contains free formaldehyde to release a quantity exorbitant; 2 be all sorts of organic dissolvent were used in brushing paint process, wait to all can send out like toluene, nitro- a harmful to human body gas. The proposal buys the Qi Ban with formaldehyde low content as far as possible when buying a floor board.

4, often connect. After the bedroom decorates project complete, should do a few times more sweep thoroughly, open door window ventilated period of time, have ventilated the place that be less than, still should open the reentry after electric fan blows all sorts of harmful gas to live.
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