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Radon is gas of a kind of colorless, dull, human body cannot be aware of, it is one of child of radionuclide disintegration. Indoors radon is extremely easy by the person inspiratory, radon is in via outstanding respiratory tract deposit lung, especially inside bronchus and epithelial tissue, give off ray in great quantities, the cell of human body produces branch to change likely, cause occurrence cancer. Have data story, radon is the 2nd cause that causes lung cancer, be next to smoking.

Indoor radon pollution basically originates the building decorates material, wait like the stone material such as natural granite, floor tile, scoria, cement. Its harm sex depends on be aware of not easily, detect without major cannot conclude whether to exceed bid, at the same time once exceed bid, will reduce hard, unless have stuff replace.


(1) do not choose as far as possible bright red big green stone material and puce, violet Brown granite.

(2) indoor installation collect filters, purify remove dust, the air purifier that activated carbon adsorption and anion produce at an organic whole.

(3) the interior decoration that buys qualification decorates material, buy the stone capable person that has radioactivity sanitation certificate of approval and sampling observation report.

(4) radon coating is prevented in spray of metope, ground.

(5) ventilated take a breath, reduce the chroma level of indoor radon temporarily, but cannot produce effect to the origin change of radon.

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