Ensure the construction method of the character of coating and coating is having

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"6 minutes of coating, 4 minutes of construction " it is a common saying that circulates inside course of study. The meaning says, the construction ability that good painting also wants to abide by science ensures character. Want to assure the glossiness after the wall on coating, whitewash equably meticulous particularly crucial. Some people know metope lacquer wants environmental protection only, after be being used, discover excitant odour still exists however, this is the be bored with that ignored li of layer child pink and adhesive also should use environmental protection data.
Current, decorate owner mostly, it is to pass professional construction staff to undertake construction, so the problem of such, need to be in only hold on the whole, decorate a company to be able to avoid character through choosing actor cautiously. Actually, buy emulsioni paint, everybody cares more or more those who want is its adornment effect. To this, we put the emphasis in how to build the environmental protection that gives to suit his more to live in an environment with coating colour.
The place that can behave outstanding colour most in the home is metope, furniture and cloth art. When a lot of people are being decorated often oversight metope, think to brush on whitewash is OK, metope is completely actually OK more give prize, lily metope will be very arduous when matching furniture, this are inferior to colored metope.
Can consider the facial expression of furniture first when choosing fence look: Furniture is weak yellow, white, metope can choose light tone; Furniture is brunet, the wall that cannot use deep ash is lubricious, the room will be otherwise bloodless.
1 end face should use light color commonly
On certain level, color can change the people perception to room appearance. Light color makes the person feels light, brunet make the person feels heavy. Light color can make inferior ceiling " become tall " , make cramped room " broaden " , and the move visual effect before brunet wall can arise. Because the processing of the room is from above to below mostly, by shallow arrive deep, if the ceiling of the room reachs metope to use white and light color, dado uses white and light color, the line that play a base is used brunet, can give a person a kind of stable sense that gets on next gently weighing, contrary, go up to issue shallow meeting greatly to give a person a kind of top-heavy depressive feeling and not stable sense.
2 decide a room in order to face towards tonal
The metope with enougher light is optional and neuter slant the color that cool color moves, the green that be like a lake, shallow blue; The optional neutral with indoor fainter ray slants warm color, the yellow that be like rice, bright pink, red. Be like Chao Dong's room, sunshine is basked in the earliest leave the earliest also, the room pales earlier, with light warm color the safest; Room sunshine time of Chao Na is the longest, use cool color lets a person feel relaxed and lively; Toward the influence that the room on the west is illuminated on the west by the most intense one setting sun in the day, effect of tie-in deep cool color is more comfortable; Because the room of day north does not have solar direct illuminate, also use light warm color aptly.
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