What method can prevent wooden floor craze

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The ground that the wooden floor that how are we decorating process Central Africa to often pay attention to environmental protection of choose and buy at present outside causing indoor air in order to avoid to pollute, pays attention to more avoids wooden floor list?

Autumnal climate is dry, prevent craze of real wood floor or aperture to greaten average household chooses humidity to control apparatus, when relative humidity under 40% when, with the air humidity with humidifier indoor adjustment.

Next, after winter begins heating, want a foundation of heating means different adopt corresponding method processing. If use, is the ground warms, should notice to maintain constant temperature so.

If fall new clothes is repaired, it is better that the ground lets warm move 9 days to use labor again first before floor of laid real wood. If use, is to register warm way, can buy humidifier to control appearance to come according to humidity adjusting control. In addition, of real wood floor it is very important also to maintain regularly, can maintain accordingly according to the different type choice of the floor product: Floor of model face, anaglyph face is used maintain oil is more appropriate, floor of piano lacquer face also but waxing.

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