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Green building evaluates label assess to work to had been started

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Green building evaluates label assess to work to had been started
From construction the ministry learns 19 days, green building evaluates label assess job to start.

Construction ministry concerns chief introduction, for normative green the building evaluates the work, guide green to build healthy development, construction ministry was released a few days ago " green building evaluates label government measure " reach " green building evaluates engineering instruction " , started our country green formally to build evaluation job.

Principle of the meaning that method made clear green to build an evaluation to mark, applicable condition, application, job principle. Stipulated green builds grade to be one star class, 2 stars class and SamSung class by small supreme fraction 3 stars class; Authorized project is released by construction ministry, issue certificate and mark; The organization that green building evaluation marks is carried out wait for day-to-day management to work to hold construction ministry science and technology in the palm to develop stimulative center to be in charge of by construction ministries and commissions.

Detailed rules is the technical principle that green building evaluates, undertake assessing to the residence and public construction from system of 6 old techniques, namely section ground and condition of room outer shroud, energy-saving use with the sources of energy, section water and water natural resources are used, section material and material resource are used, indoor environment quality, operation management. This chief says, construction ministry already began to accept green to build the application that evaluates a label.

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