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I save first adornment to decorate code

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Via saving thirtieth of standing committee of the 10th National People's Congress 2 times the conference will be approved on September 27, " Nanjing city adornment decorates regulation " will apply on January 1, 2008, this is indicating those who apply 7 years is long " Nanjing city adornment decorates management to set " by “ promote of local regulations ” is “ local laws and regulations ” . To this, what reaction does industry have? The reporter undertook interviewing at this point.
Travel canal does: " byelaw " mature human nature is changed
Nanjing city decorates Wei Zhongning of vice director of industry government office to say when accepting a reporter to interview, in recent years, decorate caused dispute to be highlighted increasingly, " byelaw " promulgate, mean decorate the market and dweller a new order builds hopeful between the life.
Wei Zhongning tells a reporter, with 2001 " Nanjing city adornment decorates management to set " (municipal mansion house 197 order) photograph comparing, this complete province that carried out since new year's day 2008 first (the whole nation the 2nd) the local laws and regulations that decorates management about adornment —— " Nanjing city adornment decorates regulation " make, be full of human nature to change color, specific say to have the following new window:
[Window one] decorate forbidden influence dweller to rest. New orders sets: Be in 12 when to 14 when, 19 when to morrow 7 when between, must not in the dweller the uptown use electric drill, electric saw, electric planer tool that produces noise undertakes construction works decorating decorating.
[Window 2] photograph adjacent person is told before decorating. New orders sets: Decorate a person to ought to tell photograph adjacent person before adornment is decorated.
[Window 3] the balcony does not allow to put washing machine. New orders sets: Individual residence decorates there must not be following action in decorating: (one) toilet of instead of balcony of the person that will do not have the room occasional of waterproof requirement, kitchen; (2) use water pipeline at discharging sewage; (3) attaint building is original and energy-saving establishment, reduce energy-saving effect; (4) construction of other influence building and the behavior of use safety.
[Window 4] must hold card mount guard. New orders sets: Be engaged in decorating unit of manage of the design that decorates an activity, construction, inspect to ought to have corresponding aptitude order and degree, and the relevant material that relevant unit ought to manage business charter and professional decorates an administration to put on record to city adornment.
[Window 5] air detects unqualified prohibit delivery. Set in new orders: Without detect or detecting unqualified building adornment decorates a project to be not used devotedly. Detect unqualified, adornment decorates an unit to ought to be rectified and reform, assume responsibility according to the agreement of the contract, decorate person proper motion to provide the exception that material brings about.
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