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Environmental protection is decorated pay attention to 8 big focal points

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The air quality of the bedroom after how assuring to decorate accords with national environmental protection to ask, if already becoming the personage inside expert, course of study, material to produce business and broad consumer attention at present, inscribe. 1 million home decorate inspect grain company to need current situation of whole of industry of sue for peace according to the market, made one a complete set of decorate the method that environmental pollution prevents in decorating a process in household, basically be to pass nicety to calculate, the household environment after making consumer is decorated can reach environmental protection level.

Decorate to environmental protection, should note 8 respects:

- consumer should establish decorate correctly view: Environmental protection is decorated differ to be polluted at doing not have, the environmental protection value that the air after just be being decorated pledges the quantity achieves a country to set or the environmental protection that provide in the country are worth less than. - use adornment data by the regulation: The area of each residence is finite, the adornment data that uses inside the bedroom should get limitative, use quantity can cause pollution too much, especially joinery board with density board must set limit to is used.

- computation is formulary: Consumer can count stere of oneself living room release volume total except the harmful gas with all sorts of adornment material, the numerical value of earning and numerical value of national regulation environmental protection are made quite, low person for qualification, tall person to exceed bid. What should notice is, computational value must is worth with set limit to of national environmental protection have apparent difference, ability decorates the home that gives environmental protection to fit a project.

- environmental protection material also wants set limit to to use: The environmental protection that provides production according to national environmental protection decorates material to also certain harmful gas releases a quantity, just release volume level less than in what the country sets, excessive uses same meeting to cause indoor airy pollution.

- decorate environmental protection to not be equal to indoor environmental protection: The bedroom air quality after decorating must greatly under environmental protection limiting value, after because decorate,be being finished, consumer buys furniture even. The harmful gas in furniture can cause environmental pollution likewise.

- do not use chemical displacement agent easily: There is some of product now to environmental protection it is helpful, but course of agent of a few chemical displacement is used, although eliminated source of a few pollution, but the pollution with meeting new generation. In do not know to be able to arise why to be planted material, meeting is caused why to plant had better not use when the disease.

- index of processing environmental protection exceeds bid: According to expert introduction, still do not have the more effective method that administers pollution at present, best method is many window, much take a breath, bedroom put a few plants more.

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