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Nonlocal car enters spic also mark of essentials environmental protection

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Ocean news time: 2008-09-09 origin: Guangzhou journal writer: Du Juan

Report from our correspondent (reporter Du Juan announce of reporter spic annulus) Guangzhou was opposite afterwards on January 1 this year this city is using a car after comprehensive nucleus sends environmental protection to indicate, will rise on September 15 from this year, nucleus of external car of record date brand sends environmental protection to indicate, execute as equal as this city car environmental protection management. City of public security bureau of city of bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection, Guangzhou, Guangzhou is handed in yesterday appoint hold news to aerate jointly meeting, the nonlocal car that divulges Guangzhou predicts to rose to indicate to doing not have environmental protection on January 1 from next year and discharge the car of this locality yellow sign that does not amount to mark to execute be restricted to go.

In addition, car of Guangzhou this locality executes environmental protection mark to manage 8 months to come, still have the car that restricts 2/3 advocate not explain get environmental protection mark, environmental protection branch appeals a car advocate as early as possible explain get environmental protection mark, avoid at the appointed time because fail seasonable explain get and get needless current limitation. It is reported, carry out car of the Huang Biao after be restricted to go to cannot pass through inside limitative area, and the car that indicates without environmental protection prohibits start off, the branch of condemnatory measure policeman related is being made.

In recent years, the other place comes spic car with each passing day grow in quantity. According to statistic, the nonlocal car that passes an our city everyday makes an appointment with 600 thousand, the nonlocal car that enters the city zone of our city center among them exceeds 65 thousand, in these nonlocal car many be under the country of Ⅰ standard tall discharge a car, discharge capacity of its bicycle contaminant makes an appointment with 14 times of car of standard of the Ⅲ that it is a country. The contaminant discharge capacity of this part car is very large, inform against in masses " black smoke car " in, nonlocal book car also has quite large proportion.

Motor vehicle of bureau of city environmental protection pollutes control to grow Li Zhuo to express everywhere: "To car of brand of nonlocal record date executive environmental protection indicates management is one of significant move that control motor vehicle effectively to discharge pollution. The city such as Beijing, Shanghai already implemented this measure early or late, gained better environmental benefit. To ensure Guangzhou air quality achieved national level to reach during the Asia Game 2010 ' green inferior carry ' requirement, motor vehicle of external record date brand executes environmental protection to indicate management is very necessary. Motor vehicle of external record date brand executes environmental protection to indicate management is very necessary..

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