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Environment of prevention and cure of environmental pollution prevention and cur

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The unit that pollution of air of the processing that pollution of environment of the processing that qualitative pioneer is prevention and cure of pollution of environment of prevention and cure of pollution of environment of subordinate of bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection, Guangzhou in Guangzhou, Guangzhou prevents and cure, Guangzhou administers,
As people environment consciousness raise those who reach pair of oneself health to take seriously, had begun to realise indoor environment pollutes healthy to human body harm stage by stage, how pressing hope understanding decreases and put an end to indoor environment pollution and live indoor environment to pollute a state. How to undertake the environment pollutes prevention and cure effectively, basically should note the following respects:

1, should choose to decorate a company normally, want to choose the company that values indoor environment especially, be in sign indoor environment is made clear to ask when decorating a contract.

2, in decorating, use as far as possible the interior decoration that accords with national environment standard and decorate material.

3, when furniture of choose and buy, should choose the brand furniture that normal company manufactures, want to notice to select the product with excitant little taste at the same time, because excitant odour is bigger, explain harmful gas releases a quantity taller. Conditional family, but the furniture empty place that will buy newly reoccupy of period of time.

4, the bedroom after decorating is unfavorable instantly ingoing, and the harmful gas that ought to proper time makes material medium sends out with higher strength.

5, when consumer is buying housing, not only should see place, price, structure, notice to understand the indoor environment situation of the house even.

6, maintain indoor airiness, ensure indoor have certain new wind force, perhaps open a window when the air outdoor is good ventilated, allow indoor harmful gas send out, this is the method of the effective of cleared and indoor harmful gas.

7, the chroma that as string of 1 Hua Zhicao can drop indoor and harmful matter indoors.

8, can choose truly effectual is indoor air purifier and device of air take a breath.

9, decrease as far as possible or prohibit smoking indoors.

10, can ask Guangzhou environment to pollute expert of prevention and cure to undertake detecting, know the extent exceeding bid of indoor and harmful material, so that take corresponding processing step.

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