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How is furniture paint flavour handled after decorating?

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New clothes repairs the harmful gas in the room, according to national level " pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project controls a standard " regulation, listed formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC5 contaminant undertakes controlling.

Formaldehyde is the excitant gas of a kind of colorless Yi Rong. The man-made plank such as particieboard, density board, plywood, adhesive and wall paper are the main source of the formaldehyde in air, release period be as long as 3 ~ 15 years. Can absorb via respiratory tract, formaldehyde has long-term sex, conceal sex to the harm of human body, concealment sexual characteristic. Long-term and inspiratory formaldehyde can cause the severe disease such as nose pharynx cancer, laryngeal cancer.

Benzene is a kind of colorless, gas that has special and balmy taste. Sizy, paint, coating and sticky mixture are the main source of the benzene in air. Benzene and benzene department other people by after human body is inspiratory, can appear action of anaesthesia of central nervous system; Can control function of human body hematopoiesis, make erythrocyte, leucocyte, plaque decreases, aplastic anemia has rate raise; Still can cause female period unusual, fetal congenital blemish.

Radon is a kind of colorless, insipidity, inert gase that cannot be aware of. The housing materials such as sand of cement, brick, marble, ceramic tile is the main source of radon, geology ruptures belt place also can have many radon separate out. Radon reachs his child body enters human body along with air, or adherent reach lung surface at tracheal mucous membrane, or dissolve is entered humoral enter cellular organization, form the radiate inside body, cause lung cancer, leukaemia and respiratory tract pathological change. World Health Organization considers to make clear, radon is the 2nd big carcinogen that is next to smoking to cause lung cancer.

Ammonia is a kind colorless and the gas that has intense exciting taste. Basically originate the fire retardant in the additive such as concrete antifreeze, fire prevention board. Cross-eye, larynx, the upper respiratory tract has intense stimulative effect, can cause through the skin and respiratory tract toxic, light person cause oedema of grow in quantity of hyperaemia, secretion, lung, bronchitic, dermatitis, the person that weigh can produce convulsion of laryngeal oedema, larynx, also can cause breathing difficulty, insensible, shock to wait, high content ammonia can cause reflection sex breath to stop even.

TVOC total volatile organic compound, VOC, the abbreviate of Votatile Organic Compound, VOC regards an alien as contaminant in air indoors, as a result of them alone density is low, but sort is much, do not grant commonly one by one expresses respectively, express its gross with TVOC. TVOC includes acid of benzene, toluene, second fourth ester, ethylbenzene, right () xylene of xylene, styrene, adjacent, 11 alkyl. Interior construction and adornment material are the main source of the TVOC in air. Consider to make clear, content of although indoor air is medium individual VOC is restricted under its content, but the mixture existence of a variety of VOC and its interaction, make endanger intensity to increase. TVOC is shown noxiousness, excitant, can cause airframe immunity level maladjusted, affect function of central nervous system, occurrence dizziness, have a headache, be addicted to sleeps, faint, bosom is frowsty wait for a symptom, affect digestion possibly still, occurrence inappetence, disgusting wait, serious when can injure liver and hemopoietic system, cause death even.

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