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Principle of action of indoor air purifier, air purifier, air purifier, air puri

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Principle of action of indoor air purifier, air purifier, air purifier, air purifier is formaldehyde " killer " among them a kind
At present the formaldehyde on market " killer " have two kinds.
One kind closes agent, a kind of formaldehyde takes a dose / formaldehyde eliminates an agent. These two kinds of products are to have advantages and disadvantages each. Close the agent besmears product surface, rise to close the action of formaldehyde, make its are not released, say from the principle, this is better way. But furniture wears away ceaselessly in use process, after a considerable period of time, besmear at the outset close the agent lost original intention.
The 2nd kind, it is to pass chemical reaction, the formaldehyde in accelerating furniture is released. But, "Some meet this kind of chemical preparation to cause damage to furniture, besmirch stays on clothings. " such formaldehyde were not eliminated, cause pollution 2 times however.
This product pollutes control system project for condition of Chinese room core - indoor air is purified recommend a product. Use 3 class to filter principle, namely " machinery filters - physisorption filters - chemical catalysis filters " ; Without any chemical additive, without any side-effect, without any harmful in-between; Won't cause pollution 2 times, do not produce ozone, can purify peculiar smell: Purify smoke flavour, decorate harmful gas, pet, mildewy peculiar smell; Efficient and antiseptic: Can filter dust, kill the bacterium that cause disease, live thing antiseptic filter; The harmful gas such as sulfur of cleared formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, 2 oxidation, TOVC, filter efficiency is achieved 99% .
This product uses the material of full environmental protection to be made, won't cause pollution 2 times, in switch on the mobile phone in a hour can keep clear of effectively indoor peculiar smell and harmful gas, its provide bodily form date and suitable scope to be as follows:
Its model and try out limits have:
ET9000 series applies to high-grade household, villatic, exalted office, public place of entertainment, the hospital.
ET8000 series applies to a hospital, family, the office, communal public place of entertainment.
ET5000 set is portable apply to all sorts of motor-driven cockpit, cabin, the office, flatlet, KTV public place of entertainment.
ET5000 set is sumptuous model apply to cockpit of sedan etc motor-driven to wait.

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