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Teach your 6 action prevention and cure indoor pollution

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Well-known, clean air is the requirement of life health, especially the be closely bound up of health of body and mind of indoor air quality and people. Show according to relevant investigation, the mankind has 6 become diseases and indoor air pollution to concern about.

Causing the prime cause that indoor air quality drops is ventilated take a breath undesirable, and indoor air contaminant exceeds bid. The investigation that occupies American profession safety and wholesome institute makes clear, the factor that affects indoor air quality is very much, indoors in a few big factors that air may affect human body health, ventilated and undesirable occupy 48 % , indoor air pollution occupies 18 % , building component part occupies 3.5 % .

Accordingly, should build a good indoor environment but from the following 6 respects proceed with -- ,

(1) prepares to decorate the person of the bedroom, notice the environmental protection of interior decoration material, because decorate the data that uses in the process,be partly quite undeserved cause, release many organic gas contaminant like the meeting such as inferior beaverboard, plywood, paint, coating, adhesive and furniture, carpet, include the gas of volatile organic matter such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, among them formaldehyde is to have one of representative toxic gas most.

Formaldehyde is the gas that has intense excitant taste, it can cause a painful, insomnia, cough, weep, have the effect that cause cancer. Because this answers to choose what do not contain formaldehyde to stick gum as far as possible in decorating a process, do not contain the rare material of benzene, do not contain formaldehyde big core board, stick face plate to wait, raise the level of indoor air quality after decorating.

(After 2) buys bridal chamber, furniture and adornment new home, do not be eager to, should look for indoor environment to detect first the branch undertakes detecting, listen to the expert's opinion, the choice enters time suitably.

(3) chooses applicable and effective indoor air to purify establishment, can choose the air purifying device that has different function according to wholesome and bedroom, kitchen, different pollution, wait like machine of lampblack of air purifier, platoon.

(4) ventilated take a breath is to prevent indoor environment to pollute most economic method. Without giving thought to in the residence whether somebody, should as far as possible much more ventilated, on one hand it is helpful for indoor contaminant discharge, can be to decorate the poisonous and harmful gas in material to be released as early as possible on the other hand. Because this holds the ventilated take a breath of bedroom place,be must, it can maintain indoor contaminant chroma under certain level, maintain indoor airy cleanness. For the house that is 10 square metre to usable floor area of an average per capita, criterion must 1 hour of take a breath 3.

(5) maintains the humidity with indoor particular environment and temperature, humidity and temperature are exorbitant, most contaminant sends out quickly from inside decorating material, this indoors when somebody adverse, at the same time humidity is helpful for the microbial breed such as the bacterium high too. But be in inside the residence when nobody, go out for instance a few measure can be adopted to raise humidity when travel.

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