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Domestic afforest decorates little common sense

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Indoor afforest adornment is to point to the characteristic according to indoor environment, according to the principle that aesthetic, biology and environment learn, use what give priority to with the indoor plant that observe a part of a historical period to view and admire material, make afforest and indoor environment photograph harmonious, form an unified whole, the harmony that achieves person, indoor environment and nature is unified, satisfy a room thereby purify, the function of beautification and afforest. The face introduces little common sense of illuminative of a few indoor afforest to everybody below, in order to offer reference.
Meaning of indoor afforest illuminative and action
1, adornment beautification action.
Decorate state of the following indoor environment to undertake afforest decorate according to bridal chamber, be aimed at the some part of alone article and space not just, undertake arranging to whole environment element however, can will individual, local adornment organization rises, in order to obtain overall beautification effect. Especially modern lives in ferroconcrete building of the city, greenery is decorated besides beautification interior decoration, still can make indoor the flavor that has life and appeal, the aesthetic feeling that enjoys nature and comfortable.
2, improve indoor environment quality
People repairs the indoor environment pollution of the building to take seriously more and more to new clothes now, committee of condition of Chinese room core monitors a center to consider to discover, indoor greenery branches and leaves has the effect that purifies indoor environment pollution, at the same time the plant still has stop dust, absorb life waste gas, release and the oxygen with beneficial to human body complement, adjust air humidity and reduce the effect such as noise. On summer balcony pull the greenery such as ox, honeysuckle, grape, not only can sunshade, and can form green protective screen, still can drop indoor temperature, be helpful for managing the sources of energy.
3, the composition that improves interior space
Decorate in the family in, afforest adornment also can produce certain effect to dimensional construction. If give birth to vivid activity to need to apply the plant of the platoon to be able to be interior space cent different area according to people; The green screen that climbs the liana that the case on aid wears to be able to make disjunctive vacuum phoenix, organic ground contacts the space that will differ again at the same time. The volume that handles plant itself, height can adjust scale feeling of the space, raise the utilization rate of indoor and limited space adequately.

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