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How to cast off indoor air pollution?

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Want to cast off indoor air pollution, above all, open window take a breath everyday not less than two, every time not less than 15 minutes. Put generator of a small-sized and efficient anion indoors, to maintaining airiness is mixed fresh also be very good method.
Next, do not forget outdoor stay a little while. Hiemal a lot of diseases spread through air, if flu, respiratory tract affects the pathogen that waits for a disease, mostly parasitism is mixed at nose pharynx ministry of the person on respiratory tract mucous membrane. When people cough, sneeze, when chatting, virus, bacteria can be passed in air along with flying foam, stay for long indoors the person is inspiratory after bringing the poison, air that brings bacterium, very easy catch a disease.
Finally, had done indoor airy to purify the elimination with harmful gas. Can be helped through greenery purify air, a few greenery still can absorb the harmful gas in air. Can absorb benzene and organic matter evergreen cane, sago cycas; Camellia, sowbread, violet, tuberose, morning glory, China pink, the Tang Dynasty can absorb harmful gas Ju cattail through blade; End of bracketplant, Lu Hui, tiger orchid etc can assimilate the harmful substance such as formaldehyde, eliminate and prevent indoor air pollution.

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