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The countermeasure of prevention and cure that bedroom environment pollutes

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Bedroom environment pollution is phyletic and various, origin each different, because this should be aimed at its respective characteristic, adjust measures to local conditions, take corresponding the way to deal with a situation, ability achieves precautionary pilot goal truly. Main principle is as follows:
(one) the initial stage that build a house wants sound program, a sector of an area of choice free from contamination undertakes building a house, the area that already was polluted or soil, want to undertake clearing thoroughly; The sunshine that the design of the building wants mature bedroom, daylighting and ventilated wait for an element.
(2) keep indoor neat, dry, strengthen reside indoor and ventilated take a breath.
(3) choose the building that accords with national level to decorate adornment material to undertake the bedroom is decorated. The room that new clothes constructs had better not be entered immediately, must will volatile material is sufficient eduction outdoor hind enter all right again.
(4) the property that knows all sorts of electric home appliances

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