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Improve the measure that administers indoor environment or method effectively

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If detect,the contaminant in showing indoor air as a result exceeds bid, can reach the time that allows processing to handle by the following method according to exceeding mark level:
(1) not much to exceeding bid circumstance, but the building undertake checking and accept detecting afresh after unused period of time. As indoor volatilize of all sorts of contaminant in decorating material ceaselessly, the volatilization of these contaminant is measured can drop gradually, after period of time passes, indoor contaminant content can is worth under the control of national level.
(2) if be formaldehyde,exceed bid, must submit to the orgnaization of indoor environment processing of Guangzhou major makes administering be polluted at all in order to solve. Some just bought partial home to have local pollution, in can using the environmental protection that effective purify peculiar smell pollutes to produce appropriately, if activated carbon, formaldehyde is cleared catalyst film, indoor air purifier. The formaldehyde purify product that at present the market sells or air purify the great majority in the product to be inferior to person meaning. Among them some purify effects not beautiful, although some has certain purify effect, but did not grow effect, also some meetings leave a mark on floor, metope or furniture, return some to handle material itself to be able to be opposite indoor environment causes certain pollution. Because this is best,galley proof is made experiment before large area is used, purify effect is good and the person that do not have sequela just can be used.
(3) if be radioactivity radon,exceed bid, that is permanent pollution, should search an account, try to eliminate. It is really by what decorate material to cause, should demolish decorate material unqualifiedly.
(4) the main reason that studies the contaminant in creating indoor environment exceeds bid, improve the following decorate a room to decorate a design completely, ensure the following the indoor environment quality that decorates a room to have qualification completely.

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