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How to choose environmental protection building materials

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Environmental protection material basically has a few kinds:
1) basic and avirulent harmless model. It is to point to natural, itself is done not have or the material with extremely rare harmful poison, adornment stuff that had be machininged simply only without pollution. Wait like material of gesso, French chalk, arenaceous stone, certain and lumber, natural stone.
2) low poison, low discharge model. It is to show the technical measure such as course treatment, synthesis will control the accumulation of poisonous, harmful material and slow release, because of its noxiousness is slight, right the adornment material that human health does not make risk. If formaldehyde releases a quantity those who reach national level is inferior, big core board, plywood, beaverboard.
3) current science and technology and detect the data that the method cannot decide and evaluates its to poison material to affect. If the chemistry such as environmental protection emulsioni paint, environmental protection paint synthesizes material. These material are avirulent hurtless at present, but the development as science and technology, there may be the possibility that holds afresh in the future.

At present popular environmental protection decorates material what to have:
1) material of environmental protection ground: Brick of establish rough road surface is of all kinds poriferous pave a road one of the product, use second birth high density to spend polyethylene to be made. Can reduce rainstorm runoff, reduce surface water pollution, can discharge ground water. Multi-purpose in public facilities.
2) material of environmental protection wall: The bricklaying of a kind of aerocrete of new development, cut of usable carpentry tool shapes, with a Bao Sha oar build by laying bricks or stones is built, the surface is used special face of pink of the oar that pull hair, have block to heat up harbour can the effect.
3) environmental protection wall acts the role of: The product such as cloth of silken wall of careless wall paper, hemp wall paper, gauze, have maintain a variety of functions such as bug of wet, drive, health care. Mouldproof wall paper is handled through chemistry, the phenomenon such as the bacterium of mildew of mildewy, epispastic, grow that eliminated wall paper to appear when air moisture or difference in temperature of room inside and outside are big, and the surface is downy, permeability is good.
4) environmental protection provides material: Plastic metal multiple tube, it is the high-tech product that replaces a metal to provide material, its inside and outside all spends polyethylene material two layers for high density, aluminium is among, hold concurrently plastic the good performance with the metal, and not rusty, free from contamination.
5) makings of environmental protection lacquer: Biology emulsioni paint, except construction handy outside still have a variety of color, can bring profusion shade to household. The meeting after besmear is brushed sends out blast a faint scent, still can be brushed again or undertake handling with cleaner, can restrain the mould inside wall body.

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