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The family is decorated want scientific and reasonable choice ground material

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Winter climate is dry it is the auspicious season that decorate, a few consumer are preparing actively to decorate material. Condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration monitors committee to released a family to decorate indoor environment to consume caution recently: The family is decorated want science, reasonable choice ground material.

The family decorates medium ground material to should take seriously. Because ground material is a family indoor the adornment with the largest area in decorating decorates material, also be the adornment material that the highest, funds scale in decorating mixes use frequency high to basically affect indoor environment. So, is consumer decorated in the family in choose ground material? Concerned expert was analysed at present the family decorates adoption material characteristic, put forward to choose the 3 big principles of ground material and 4 attentions that assure quality.

Our country consumer decorates the ground data that middling uses to basically have 3 kinds big in the family at present:

It is real wood floor kind. In recent years, because real wood floor is processing craft, data,respect of craft of choice and shop outfit had very great progress, either outfit, paint and burnish are spread in the spot before, not only smaller to indoor environment pollution, and be out of shape not easily and cock, especially at present the living condition of people is improved greatly, room area ratio is older, the function such as the sitting room of the room, bedroom is divisional and apparent, the form a complete set of a few high-grade residences uses together with, although, real wood floor is decorating the higher-priced in be in inside medium ground material at present, still become customer decorate one of choice material. But, floor of mass-produced real wood can create the waste of resource.

2 it is man-made board kind. Main is all sorts of compound floors, solid Mu Fu joins a floor board, and in recent years popular bamboo floor. This kind of material is had make full use of rich, the factory is changed and mechanization treatment goes to the lavatory, exterior figure and hardness are good, spread the outfit, characteristic that use and changes to go to the lavatory quite. This kind of material can have certain formaldehyde pollute a problem commonly.

3 it is stone material ceramic tile kind. The safe problem that because the radioactivity of stone material pollutes problem and family,decorates in recent years, the family is decorated in the drop off that uses natural stone material, but, the family of use ground ceramic tile is increasing. Especially at present the norms of a few ceramic tile, style, design and color is added gradually much, have durable, convenient characteristic at the same time. Although these material also can have the problem that radioactivity pollutes, but consumer or more ground decorate them in toilet, kitchen, sitting room, dining-room, some is decorated even in bedroom, study.

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