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The bedroom reduces pollution, board type furniture notices sealing side

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Furniture basically has real wood and imitation with plank board two kinds. Real wood can be divided for hardwood and cork, man-made plank has particieboard, medium density board, joinery board (big core board) , plywood, compound board etc, still have the man-made board that makes with broomcorn lever and paper at present. These build plank to be out of shape not easily through handler of high temperature high pressure, already was applied in contemporary furniture widely.

Because lumber has grain, it is so when change of temperature, humidity is bigger, inevitable meeting occurrence craze, warp and metabolic phenomenon. No matter real wood furniture uses what kind of wood, how does charge for the making of sth. observe and study, indispensable these problems. And man-made board is decompose lumber hub or wood pulp, make board afresh again. Because broke the physical structure with original lumber, it is so when change of lukewarm, humidity is bigger, of man-made board " deformation " should compare solid Mu Xiaode much. Accordingly, the quality that can say the quality of man-made board wants to compare real wood is stable.

If curve wooden furniture, cut timber namely narrow hub, become via agglutination, rolling next. Curve wood to be able to bend aleatoric angle, and durable sex is very good, in kitchen and toilet furniture, use board of moistureproof sex man-made, wait for craft through meticulous sealing side, can use very long and changeless form.

The furniture that makes with man-made plank calls board type furniture again. Although board type furniture has the characteristic with not changeful form, changeful style, but the pollution that man-made plank may cause to bedroom environment also nots allow to ignore. A few days ago, total bureau of national environmental protection raises requirement of environmental protection technology to man-made plank. Be aimed at the problem that formaldehyde of dissociate of man-made board product sends out, by Chinese environment science academy environment Institute for Standard is mixed national man-made board quality is supervised examine the center is in charge of drafting jointly (low formaldehyde man-made board technology of environmental mark product asks) . Discharge demarcate in the light of the contaminant that produces enterprise and product among them limits, requirement enterprise contaminant discharges the requirement that must accord with country or the pollutant discharge standard that the place sets. Quality of man-made board product is divided outside should according with standard of respective product quality to ask, acting hydrocarbon of the bittern in the adhesive that stipulates product place is used and content of benzene department other people should be less than 2000 milligram / kilogram, the formaldehyde in the product releases a quantity to should be less than 0. Lead 1 million minutes 2. This one requirement applies to particieboard, plywood, joinery board, answer the man-made plank such as plywood.

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