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Furniture uses a respect to want to notice the following

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1) the furniture that buys newly is not eager to be being put into the bedroom, had better put in empty room conditionally, cross reoccupy of period of time. The new furniture that the family that new clothes repairs buys, had better not be eager to, let the harmful gas in furniture be released as soon as possible.
2) when the chest that man-made board makes is used, must notice. The clothing that does not want an underwear, bedgown and children as far as possible is put inside. Because formaldehyde is a kind of allergic source, it is certain to should leave cutaneous formaldehyde quantity to exceed from fiber upper reaches when limit, can make the person produces abnormal reaction dermatitis, distributing to reach crural ministry to wait in turn of the bosom of human body, back, shoulder, ancon, ham more. Summer is put in the quilt in chest to also want to notice, meet inside adsorptive and many formaldehyde, must sufficient cool the reoccupy after basking in.
3) cloth art sofa not only should notice fabrics, filler has more inside exquisite, stuff stuff is used makings should honest, stretch and even, no matter press, * , crowded, after releasing pressure can rapid spring back, and without pollutant.
4) mix indoors adopt inside furniture a few purify measure and material effectively, can lower the harmful gas that furniture releases. Condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration detects the center has asked according to broad consumer, development gave the unit of the formaldehyde in special and adsorptive chest, be about to throw on the market.

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