It is crucial that environmental protection decorates the door of guard against

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The summer because too dry or air is too humid phenomenon of weather of two kinds of extremes, be not considered as the good season of an outfit all along. A lot of people think spring, autumn just is the gold season that decorate, decorate in the summer actually, want to had handled the issue that should note only, will do each work according to working procedure of normal construction craft, construction, also can make the project that makes you satisfactory likewise. Small make up for you home of integrated and various summer holds information, make you relaxed put on comfortable love mew.   
The door is one of parts with the most important residence, also be domestic face. "It is outfit allowing the home it is good that company spot makes the door, it is good to still buy finished product? I ran market of a few data also is done not have resolved. " citizen plum young lady tells a reporter, cross National Day holiday to be about to received a building to decorate, still remain a few link to did not think good now, be anxious. The connoisseur of door course of study expresses, buy and make the good point that has each each, the key is him house-owner wants face each other to understand somewhat, buy should buy suitably, do should know supervise.
The door is multi-purpose wooden door hutch guards the much door that choose aluminium
Miss Li says, when she buys a room to decorate for the first time, did not make the door additionally, compare wrong door with respect to what used development business outfit. Change a house to hope to decorate of course now practical beautiful. The door that listens to a family to say spot of company of outfit allowing the home is done is more beautiful than bought door, as more harmonious as style of domestic outfit whole. But material and environmental protection may be differred a few, oneself also do not understand supervise, still not be at ease.
If decide oneself buy the door, understand the use that understands all sorts of doors with respect to need. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the sort of the door is various, have according to the classification of exhibition face each other: Craft decoration door, real wood door, compound door, mould pressing door, partition door, cupboard door, fold door, slip sliding door, move door of craft of carve of the door, shutter door, copper, set window of door of steel of vitreous wood door, model, variety board door window, .
Now, still appeared as the development of door course of study a lot of new-style material, if stick material of model of skin of material of side sealing side, adhesive, wood, wood, high polymer, sealed material, Mu Wen paper, sound-absorbing board new data of trade waiting for the door. Consumer needs to have abecedarian knowledge to the data that uses generally.
Gate and door use door of pure real wood or solid Mu Fu to close the door normally. Wood of Korean pine, fir, oak belong to cheaper wooden door to use material, high-grade fact wood has wood of Walnut, cherry, Shabili to wait. Door of pure real wood if do manual work is bad, allow changeful entity. Solid Mu Fu closes the door is to point to serve as with real wood advocate material, the density in sticking is pressed outside board regard a balance as the layer, with homebred or the entrance is natural wooden skin serves as facing, the course is made after high temperature hot pressing, gush acts the role of the compound door of lacquer of carpentry of high-grade environmental protection outside. Anyhow, from in outside arriving, asking is lumber. In Euramerican country, of 80% above high-grade the real wood door that in decorating, uses all uses finished product fact Mu Fu closes the door.
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