Furniture benzene pollution nots allow to be like,be ignored formaldehyde

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People knows to also pay close attention to wooden furniture very much medium (Guangzhou) formaldehyde pollution, but the benzene pollution in often ignoring software furniture. Actually, soft furniture often uses sticky agent of the glue that contain benzene in great quantities, the person is inspiratory after the benzene series material of excessive, light person giddy, disgusting, lack of power, skin dry, consciousness is ambiguous, the person that weigh can be sent insensible, even liver kidney failure, cause blood disease.
Want to note the following respects when choose and buy and use software furniture. Above all when furniture of choose and buy,
Do not anxious to get things on the cheap, and should identify a brand, go large store, had better sign a contract. Next, the furniture that buys newly had better be placed first in unmanned room, the bedroom is moved again after letting the harmful gas in furniture release period of time.
If furniture feels to have apparent taste after redemptive home, the Guangzhou that aptitude has please on best horse detects the orgnaization checks. If be put in the problem really, answer to take step immediately, the air processing orgnaization that looks for major undertakes construction is administered or strengthen adsorber of ventilated take a breath, use formaldehyde, installation air purifier, cultivate greenery to wait a moment. When necessary, can mix to the businessman manufacturer claim for compensation, go to law< even.

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