Plastic floor volatile causes cheeper cough

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In home of Harbin some citizen, the undesirable material in toy of cloth with soft nap of a few inferior and plastic floors, wool volatilizes in great quantities, result child body appears unwell.

Ms. Zhang stays in the citizen in Na Gang area, because weather is torrid, ms. Zhang gets on plastic floor shop, have above plastic floor spell a plan, son of 4 years old sits on the floor to play, toy of cloth with soft nap of one caboodle wool is on the side. Had done not have a few days, ms. Zhang discovers the son often coughs, the air quality in distrustful home appeared problem, invite indoor environment to detect then professional personage detects to undertaking in the home. The environment learns condition of Harbin room core to detect central Cao Jun expresses, detect the result makes clear, the problem goes to go up in plastic floor and toy of wool cloth with soft nap, they contain undesirable material, add God gas is burning hot, these undesirable material volatilize in great quantities, those who stimulated the child is tracheal. On June 12, 2008

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