Adornment material pollution sends check little common sense

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In daily life, but when consumer has doubt to bought interior decoration material, can arrive to execute the law relevantly the branch is complained (like industrial and commercial, disappear assist, the technology is supervised) , also can mix agency or tripartite sends check to qualified Guangzhou inspection agency jointly. Decorate material to interior decoration of harmful material set limit to examine, the country has not release unified check to check and accept cost standard at present.

Send check to should notice:

To material examining is intercept appearance piece sends check.

To plank kind product, should from 3 board intermediate place each intercept of a 500X500mm board piece, pack with polybag sealed or send 3 directly board;

Wait for water quality to coating, glue kind product, send appearance to answer not less than 2 kilograms, in order to assure the need that inspection man makes.

Examine cycle is 1-2 week commonly.

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