Indoor paint check notices please below a few points!

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1, furniture mixes fat face whether level off is saturated. Should ensure did not bubble, without break, and paint ply wants balanced, colour and lustre to agree.

2, the surface of furniture varnish whether ply is consistent, lacquer face saturation, clean, without grain.

3, metope emulsioni paint whether exterior level off, glance even, without phenomenon of empty beat, bubbly, craze.

4, the paint of woodiness and plasterboard smallpox is emulsioni paint commonly, should exterior level off, board receive place without break.

5, smallpox horn line receives refute to whether be handled smooth, mix without apparently incorrect grain be out of shape.

6, wall paper flat-fell seam is not accurate, without slit phenomenon. The grain that carries design spells grain to answer accurate, without the fault people phenomenon.

7, whether was metope polluted, exist without dirty mark.

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