Indoor air purifier is not the choose and buy Yue Guiyue is good

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Indoor air purifier serves as a kind of new-style home appliance, be being favorred by more and more citizens. And because understanding degree is insufficient, a lot of citizens especially young couple, often can regard a when the choose and buy important reference standard as the price of air purifier. Guangzhou environment technologist warns a citizen, be not the price more expensive, purify the effect to had been jumped over.

Companion decorates busy season to come as summer, this year 5, 6, 3 7 months, the citizen that in Guangzhou going before, pledges the pioneer buys air purifier than the corresponding period grew 4 to become last year, among them with 25-40 year old young citizen, especially newlywed is given priority to. And because air purifier is not,be citizen place in that way like common home appliance hep, the one big error that so the body when citizen choose and buy comes out now is to think " expensive is good namely " .

Guangzhou indoor air administers an expert to express, choice air purifier is the most important is because of the person different, degree of the size of the room, room age, pollution is the element of should careful consideration when choosing air purifier.

The room is bigger, should choose an unit to purify wind generous air purifier; For example the room of 15 square metre should choose an unit to purify wind force to be in the 120 air purifier of stere / hour; Old building can choose the purifier with antiseptic stronger function; The optional choose with heavier pollution filters the purifier of material of smooth accelerant filter with stronger result; Young and fashionable gens stems from sanitarian purpose at ordinary times, optional choose is sweet fume or the par purifier such as anion.

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