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In consciousness of people environmental protection taller and taller today, "Green environmental protection " the concept also becomes the changeless subject in living in tide. To average consumer character, rise increasingly when life quality when, furniture of people choose and buy has been controlled completely by place of design, price no longer, "Green environmental protection " the quality with consistent furniture, will wait for formaldehyde harmful material close the door on.
Joinery board: The foundation of furniture environmental protection
Furniture formaldehyde exceeds mark issue, it is the focus that pays close attention to inside course of study all the time, also be the difficult problem with established industry at the same time. Nearly two years, as raw material spurt in prices, price of real wood furniture is climbed all the way litre, especially high grade real wood furniture, wait like annatto furniture, it is to let be versed in firewood estate bears hard commonly more. Below this kind of state, board type furniture became consumptive principal part gradually. But board type furniture uses man-made board, adhesive and furniture coating generally, if use requirement of environmental protection of material short of, cause indoor air pollution the most easily, what finished product cannot see only when be being bought so is outside.
Harm: Raw material pollution affects living safety
Furniture of choice environmental protection should read raw material above all. As at present the family is decorated, furniture is made even one of basic raw material such as top of door window, condole -- joinery board (common weighs big core board) , if use undeserved, give environmental protection issue the most easily. Not the joinery of environmental protection board cause bedroom air to although,pollute; directly product of so called environmental protection, dosage is too much cause easily also accumulate pollution.
After been do as a result of furniture, had been mixed by layer upon layer coating outside core board greatly outer adornment material is enclothed, the stand or fall of plank is discovered not easily, cause many and poisonous " core " conceal in furniture. When these formaldehyde content taller big core board after the furniture of make it or ambry are moved into the home, the formaldehyde that releases is met by human body often inspiratory, can stimulate the organ such as eye, nose, serious can cause lobar function, liver function unusual reach immune function to drop, endanger life security even.
Accordingly, when furniture of choose and buy, raw material and commodity not allow to ignore, be not puzzled by the outside place of furniture beauty.
Choose and buy: Normal greatly core board sends out faint scent flavour
When decorating, many people can choose him to make furniture, not only cost low style is unlimited also, this should buy big core inevitably board wait for raw material, to this, the choose and buy is big the product that whether core board should look above all is normal production manufacturer, the location of the trade mark that examines manufacturer home, crude place of production, mark that prevent bogus and detect the report, general and normal manufacturer produces have detect report, of formaldehyde detect numerical value should be lower better. Next, want to see the surface of plank, whether level off, have without warp, be out of shape, cave wait for; again, core of interior of observation sample plank orderly, core have without decayed, rupture, scar of wormhole, section. Usually, the big core with exterior good quality board immanent quality is corresponding also better.
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