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Summertime drive midge careful choose inferior mosquito-repellent incense

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The expert teachs you to identify a method
After entering the summer, begin to use midge of mosquito-repellent incense drive, but the taste that feels mosquito-repellent incense occasionally is very bad, cause a head to ache even, how to identify inferior mosquito-repellent incense excuse me?
"Summertime life mailbox " column reporter: About technical quality supervisory bureau expert introduces, midge of drive of summertime alternative mosquito-repellent incense should choose high grade, right product of human body hurtless. Flaming of inferior mosquito-repellent incense contains 4 kinds of harmful to human body material in smoke: Exceed compound of hydrocarbon of scent of subtle grain material, much annulus, carbonyl (formaldehyde and aldehyde) reach benzene. The contaminant that mosquito-repellent incense releases, the possibility produces very strong toxic reaction, aggravate asthma, cause breath hurried with thorax disease, it is difficult to bring about occurrence breath, have a headache, eye scratchy, cough, queasy, larynx is painful, painful wait for a phenomenon with otalgia. More serious is, those subtle grain and gas experience by inspiratory the bottom to lung, the likelihood causes cancer.
Expert introduction identifies the method of inferior mosquito-repellent incense: 1. See the surface. Treatment of safe mosquito-repellent incense is careful, colour and lustre is even, fight lose power strong, ignition point time is in 7 control to 8 hours. If mosquito-repellent incense surface is rough, the structure is inattentive, have big grain foreign matter, break off easily, or time of short of burning point, it is inferior mosquito-repellent incense. 2. Sniff scent. After safe mosquito-repellent incense is ignited, smoke is not thick, the person can smell a natural faint scent, without pungent, giddy feeling. And inferior mosquito-repellent incense is in open in pack and lighting point process, have the taste of a camphor ball, the person is heard long feel giddy. 3. Discern from ignition point. With mosquito-repellent incense of match burning point, safe mosquito-repellent incense has the smoke of maize blaze and green white only, and blaze of the viridescent when inferior mosquito-repellent incense burns risks black smoke. 4. Discern from mosquito-repellent incense ash. The ash after burning point of safe mosquito-repellent incense shows white, gray, and the ash of inferior mosquito-repellent incense is black however. 5, from destroy bug effect looks. Safe mosquito-repellent incense is apparent to the noxiousness action of mosquito, after igniting see mosquito chaos flies not easily, and chaos of the mosquito after inferior mosquito-repellent incense is ignited bumps, medical effect is not apparent.
Defend midge method
1. Mosquito-curtain: The summer prevents midge for cheeper, answer to use mosquito-curtain as far as possible.
2. Catch midge lamp: The lamp that catch midge is pretty good to the mosquito effect of nightly activity.
3. Law of midge of table fan drive: Mosquito has the habit of hasten light in the evening, after all lamps are being put out in the home, use the table fan that has indicator light old point of view sways, fan leaf can beat dead a lot of mosquito.
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