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Indoor air pollutes partial pattern case

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▲ on Feburary 14, 2001 " northward economy signs up for " , ma Hua of famous and strong and handsome coach decorates contaminative gas to exceed bid because of gym, die at leukaemia.
▲ on April 24, 2001 " Chinese youth signs up for " publish, be born to the little baby of newlywed 3 months are sufferred from by diagnose leukaemia, via monitoring because the woman is long-term,be the office that decorates in new clothes and bedroom keep be caused by.
▲ on May 24, 2003 " the letter signs up for " publish, ms. Liu body contracts disease of department of gynaecology, exceed mark be caused by for indoor formaldehyde via monitoring discovery, for this Liu the lady will be what its decorate to decorate a company to tell a court.
▲ at the beginning of 2003, tan Mou's couple of Guangdong Fosan city, in 3 months after be being moved into the new home that has decorated fetal misfortune aborts, discover via monitoring its are indoor the formaldehyde in air exceeds mark to amount to 4 times much.
▲ on April 28, 2004 " news midday signs up for " report, mr Zhang that just was moved into new residence to be less than 3 months got leukaemia to leave the world, "Murderer " it is the formaldehyde chroma that material decorates in the home exceeds mark be caused by badly, caused luxurious new residence to become the tragedy of the place that seizes a life.
The indoor environment that association of ▲ China interior decoration summed up 3 years to come to our country happen pollutes 10 grand ceremony case. 1, home first decorate formaldehyde pollution case to adjudge final judgment to adjudicate by indoor air, sentence accuser to win the lawsuit first; 2, furniture pollute consumer of indoor environment case to obtain first compensate; 3, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals first environments inside new car pollute; 4 of case of pollution of indoor environment formaldehyde, home case; 5, first exceed bid by indoor formaldehyde
The government reports shocking data.
◆ received patient of treated tumour of many 1800 blood last year according to place of tumour of statistical Harbin blood in, 46.7% because indoor environment pollution is caused,be.
Environment of association of ◆ China interior decoration monitors a center to say: The whole nation pollutes the dead number that cause every year to already amounted to 111 thousand person by indoor air. Die on average about everyday 304 people.

The cause of death of ◆ China is one year old of the following children and indoor decorate pollution to concern. Data of center of appraisal of Beijing toxicity of chemical material: Number 350 people.
◆ 93. Pollution of the air inside the new car of 6% exceeds bid badly, the new residence of 90% is decorated reach furniture formaldehyde test to exceed bid.
◆ the pregnant woman of 68% is fetal and unbalanced exceed mark badly to cause by bedroom formaldehyde, the near future in the home of leukaemia little patient of 90% has been decorated.
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