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Do not let the kids room decoration pollution green space for children

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To give a child a green room, decoration, green building materials must be selected decorating material. However, not using the green materials, it must be necessarily be green decoration. Perhaps any kind of decoration materials are in line with environmental standards, are green, but a variety of materials together, the situation will change, and the release of hazardous substances and temperature and humidity changes are closely related, so To install a green room for children, you must pay strict attention to the following: green building materials, green construction, testing and treatment. Green decorating material selection In the children's room decoration, make full use of environmentally friendly natural materials, such as wooden materials. Specifically, house decoration, floors, walls, lights are the three major projects, so the children's room decoration materials must not pay attention to these three categories. Ground: children's room on the ground the best selection of environmentally friendly wood floor or carpet, these materials the natural environment, and has a soft, warm characteristics, suitable for children playing, learning to climb away and so on. Wall: children room decoration, wallpaper, wall to environmentally friendly fabrics for decoration is better, both are not afraid of the picture, but also easy to clean. Lighting: Children should be based on lighting in the room vary by location. Dome light to light; wall should be soft; lamp either stab eyes. Dome light is best to use multiple small spotlights, the angle can be arbitrarily turned around, not only conducive lighting, and it helps protect the child's eyes. Construction to be environmentally friendly Decoration and construction materials through processing, have been a change in morphology, and decoration materials must also release harmful substances resulting changes. Therefore, children room decoration to choose less decoration materials processing operation to "clean, easy to clean-up" principle, try to choose natural materials, intermediate processing as possible. For example, some imported high-quality child-specific wallpaper or paint the walls are in line with this principle, less harmful substances, easily cleaned. To environmental protection standards According to the relevant provisions of the indoor children's room key environmental indicators are: carbon monoxide is less than 5 milligrams per cubic meter; humidity should ensure that 30 per cent to 70 per cent in between ... ... and the other indoor environmental indicators are: Decoration Projects man-made boards used in the emission of formaldehyde in the limit value should be less than 1.5mg / L; residential atmosphere of harmful substances maximum allowable concentration of ammonia in the standard of air per cubic meter of air to control the concentration of ammonia should be no more than 0.2 mg.

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